Is Your Car Or Truck A 4X4, 4X2, Awd, Or Front Wheel Drive? Many People Have No Idea

At first glance, you might look at the specs of the Hyundai Genesis Coupe and decide that there are only two variants due to their being a turbocharged 4 cylinder engine option (210 horsepower) with a 300 horsepower 3.8 liter 6 cylinder being optional. But look a little bit more closely and you will see that there are a number of important choices you will have to make when optioning your Genesis Coupe to ensure it is the one you really want.

Buyers of Salt Lake City new cars and trucks will appreciate the refinement of this pickup. “Refined pickup” – not really an oxymoron. Let me explain. The Tundra is available in regular and Limited trims and buyers can opt for the SR5 upgrade package and Work Truck package.

My point here is show the American public that automobiles today are not really any better or safer than yesterdays, with the exception of material items. Let’s start with Air bags. that was a great idea. But the idea had to come from somewhere. It probably started with the excessive rise in accidents and fatalities in the country. Cause. The air bags on cars have saved a lot of lives in automotive accidents. Effect.

My 4runner has a stout v6, but this 4runner I drove had a V8 with some power. It has 270 hp and 330 lb-ft of torque. My old v6 only has 183 hp. Quite a jump in power. Even the new 4.0 V6 models have 245 hp. That’s a marked improvement.

This is the standard drive arrangement going back to the beginning of the automobile. Hence the reason Dad always put snow tires on the rear wheels in the winter. Today this system is reserved to some pickup trucks, and large cars. Ford Crow Victoria, is one model. Don’t count on all large cars as being 4×2 configuration, many are front wheel drive. One thing you can use as a guide, if it has a drive shaft going toward the rear of the vehicle it is a rear wheel drive vehicle.

The highlight on this car is Honda’s excellent 197 horsepower naturally aspirated K20Z3 engine, with similar output to many 2.0t versions on the market. The latest-generation Si also gets a Limited Slip Differentials to help overcome some of the limitations front wheel drive offers.

Anyone who looks at the exterior design of the 2010 Genesis Coupe has to admit that it has pure, drop-dead sex appeal. That is a given. But what is unexpected is that the interior is also such a home run. The seats are design wonders in themselves giving perfect levels of grip and comfort no matter if you are cruising city streets or taking hairpin curves at a race track.

All in all, the redesigned civic boasts again of a fine car for the masses where reliability remains a benchmark. Drawbacks? You’ll never get to know the guys at the Honda Service Department.