Laser Hair Removal Treatment – How Is It Done?

Go ahead, you deserve it! Buy yourself that one big beauty item that you wouldn’t dream of splurging on any other time of year. Whether you are looking for something high tech or a series of treatments, here are some great ideas to get you going.

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Any sort of doctor’s appointment makes me nervous. Giving control over to someone else is really not my thing and makes me uncomfortable. So the first thing was to find a place that did Laser Hair Removal that I was comfortable with. Spending hours online researching laser hair removal machines, I decided I wanted to have the Weight Loss done with an Alexandrite laser. I contacted several places that offered Laser Hair Removal and decided to go to the S&U Clinic in Gangnam, Seoul.

The 2 most popular methods for permanent facial hair removal are electrolysis and hair laser removal. Both of these are most effective if they are done by professionals.

The only thing to consider is that it takes a few treatments to get rid of the hair, so basically over time the hair does not grow back. Another way to remove hair is with body sugaring. This is not as common as waxing, but it is way more effective in getting rid of hair. The application of sugar is about the same as wax. The best thing is that it removes the hair from the root, unlike waxing. The product can be purchased on line or you can find someone in your area that performs this service. Also, if you continue to sugar your hair, it will stop growing in.

Q-switched Alexandrite: 755 nm. Similar to the Ruby laser, the alexandrite laser also creates a red light which is highly absorbed by green and dark tattoo pigments. However, the alexandrite laser color is slightly less absorbed by melanin, so this laser has a slightly lower incidence of unwanted pigmentation changes than a ruby laser.

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