Online Marketing Tools That Can Help Your Online Biz Grow

Our world is changing so fast we expect instant results with minimal effort. Remember the scene in the Matrix where Neo ask Trinity, “Can you fly that helicopter?” Tank downloads the ability to fly the helicopter to Trinity, who can now pilot the aircraft, instantly!

Are you PERSONABLE? Spend enough time here and you’ll get to know me. More than what I KNOW as a marketer, you’ll learn about what I BELIEVE as a fellow human. You’ll also get to know about me and my life. Maybe more than you want to know. You’ll learn that I am a committed Christian, that I absolutely love to play golf, I have a wonderful wife and little boy and I can quote just about every episode of the Andy Griffith Show.

There, I said it. It’s out in the open. No secret there. I provide you with great content (investing in you) and I hope you’ll do more business with me (invest in me) down the road.

Most people fall down because they don’t give their web business enough time to grow and start earning money. They think that once they’ve used some CryptoSuite Reviews techniques that the traffic will just start flowing. It doesn’t work like that. You need to take massive action for the first 3 months (hundreds of articles and videos, thousands of social media friends). You won’t see results from your massive action until 6 months or even a year later.

Okay, so what’s a good reason? A great reason would be by giving them a free report that will help them with their problem. Make sure the report is really informative. If you give them something of value, they’re going to want to remain on your list once they sign up for the report.

To be honest, if you know nothing about HTML or PHP or CSS you will have a hard time figuring out how to edit stylesheets or PHP files. What you really need if you want to create your own review theme quickly is one that has been designed specifically for that purpose. One that anyone can install and get up and running in just a few hours.

This is what is missing from so many of the advertised offers that claim they can show you how to make money using the Internet. They don’t first define what Internet Marketing is, what product you are going to market and what types of marketing choices you need to make before you start your business. They don’t show you step by step what you really need to do. They don’t show you how you need to do it. They don’t explain why you are doing it. They also tend to leave out just how much you may have to spend, how much time you need to invest and a realistic expectation of how long it may take you to make your business successful based on the money and time you can investment.