The Camra And Wenlock Arms Beer And Cider Pageant

This is an job interview with Chris McClain who has the morning radio display “The Mac Assault with Jim Celania” on WFNZ. I really enjoy listening to WFNZ out of Charlotte North Carolina and recently wrote an article about the radio station. In the post I kind of known as out Mac for not replying to interview requests. My humble apologies go out to Mac and that conversation error has been fixed.

Add one much more tablespoon of olive oil to the pot, and add the onions. Cook dinner the onions for 15 minutes on low to medium heat, stirring often. You want the onions to brown slightly and caramelize a bit.

Read. Get a library card, if you don’t have 1 already. You can get the equal of a University training in your local library. Discover about some thing that has always fascinated you that you have never had the time to pursue. Read some motivational books or books and periodicals that will assist you get an edge in your occupation or business. Study a novel to consider you to a various world for a while. Become a fixture in your nearby bookstores. Verify out the web, as well. There are gigs of free e-books and posts on every thing if you’re willing to lookup them out.

Other favorite places of mine in Maine consist of Bar Harbor and Acadia Nationwide Park. While in Maine, don’t neglect to try Shipyard (locals pronounce it “Shipyawd”) beer789, brewed in Portland, and assistance the nearby economy by halting at LL Bean in Freeport!

Mac- They are extremely important. Every thing from visitors to all the production components are their duty. You are only as strong as your assistance employees, they are my offensive linemen.

Atchafalaya Catfish Festival The yearly pageant includes lots of tasty catfish and other food, plus songs and family-friendly enjoyment. Admission: Free. Melville Civic Center, 1105 Initial St., Melville, 337.623.4226.

If you wish you can location slices of mustard slathered French bread on leading of the stew about half way through the cooking time. This will melt into the stew and include flavor and texture.