Traffic = Money – Easy Ways To Get Traffic And Make Money Online Blogging

There are more than 75 million blogs in existence today – and the number is growing steadily. Blogs are used by individuals, corporations, non-profits and small groups in order to proclaim their positions on different issues or to keep their customers informed. Blogs can be used to discuss a hobby or promote something you are passionate about.

Set up a website – This is the very basic advertising tool you will need. Today, you can easily setup a free website in blog styles using travel blog themes for WordPress or blogspot directories. Go get it registered.

In order to update content on multiple blogs, you can use Windows live writer. This program installs on your desk top and allows you to upload content to your sites. This can save you the time of logging in and out of multiple sites. However, the software doesn’t take care of updating or back linking your sites.

Every time you send an email, no matter what it is about, make sure you include a link to your Blog in your email signature. Most email systems will allow you to set this up quite easily, and this is a great way to have your blog noticed.

Now I know this may not be very exciting to do something. It is a bit of a no-brainer for me, as I live with my Gmail account. To it is instant access to many accounts, is a must. Since Android is a Google Apps, Gmail works seamlessly, as one might expect.

This is a step that many many marketers fail to do. It is so easy to communicate with your list. You can send them an email and let them reply, you can create a free survey someplace like Polldaddy, you can even create a lens at Squidoo and have them fill in a poll. When you talk to your list you find out what they WANT. You may find what they want is far different than what you think they need. This is a key difference than can decrease your conversion rate incredibly.

You can now set both of them to look like your branding theme. You could use Posterous to send posts everywhere you need including Tumblr. Either way you have a way to have various media formats in a single place to add extra Internet links and increase your online business success.