Video Sales Letter Formula-Video Marketing Flaws Exposed?

When it comes to creating and marketing your YouTube videos, you should know that it’s a very simple and easy thing to do. I still do YouTube marketing, but in the past, I use to do my videos in a very different way. Instead of displaying my face on the camera, I would write up an article in Microsoft PowerPoint, and use a simple computer recorder software (like Camstudio) to record the “article-video”.

The first effective way of generating cheap MLM leads, or in this case, free MLM leads is to do article marketing. “But I’m a terrible writer and I don’t have any great topics to write about.” Here’s the thing about article marketing; you can write about anything and everything. This includes writing reviews on companies, product reviews, how-to articles, video summaries, and the list goes on. Share something about one of the lessons you learned in personal development too. Do you have some ideas now? People are constantly searching for information on the internet. If you give them solid value in your articles, there is a very high percentage you will be able to funnel leads into your business.

If you take the time, you can create high quality video. In order to reach a professional level, you will need to be patient. Ultimately, it is the level of quality that you maintain that gives the viewer a positive/negative impression of you. Remember these things, have a decent camera, a bright background, and good lighting.

This is why I say that learning internet marketing won’t make you any money. Taking action on what you learn is a whole different story. If you learn how to do EZ Magic Video oto for example, go make 2 or 3 videos and get them on Youtube and other video sharing sites. Do it right away before moving on to anything else. Get comfortable with one tactic and do it consistently. Then, and only then, move on to another tactic.

No problem. You might be totally brand new and this internet video marketing softwares stuff sounds like a foreign language. My partners and I have a marketing system that allows anyone, regardless of experience, to plug in and get results.

Yes it is free to upload your video using the many video sharing sites…that just about it. REMEMBER Nothing comes from nothing, nothing ever could…The trick, the art form here lies in being able to reach your is having the correct video marketing softwares, the right target market/audience i.e., know who you market your video to and then getting people to share your video – a concept commonly referred to as video viral marketing!

Determine what your content will be about – As a rule of thumb, don’t hard pitch your business and products on each and every single one of your videos. Every once in a while, it’s OK to soft pitch your opportunity and products, but for the most part, try to make your videos informational so you can educate your prospects. Your prospects all have certain problems and challenges concerning their businesses. The key is to make videos that offer solutions to their challenges, so they have a reason to watch your videos.

Module No. 7: Telling you all SECRET about how Andy created and marketed The Video Boss, StomperNet, Magic Bullet, Product Launch Manager, Formula Five, etc.